Q? I want to sign-up for your 24 hour package, but only need 6 hours to renew my license. Can I take 6 hours now (this licensing period) and use the other 18 hours for my next license renewal?

A. YES. Just be sure not to take your other 18 hours until you are in your next licensing period. You have 1 year to take your courses once you enroll.

Q? I just took a 3 hour Contract Law course at another school. Can I take your Contract Law Course and receive 3 hours credit?

A. YES. Even though the title is the same, since it’s another school and a different approved course, you can still receive 3 hours credit for our Contract Law Course. You only need one 3 hour Contract Law credit, but you can use one of the courses for 3 hours of GENERAL CREDIT.

Q? I just finished taking 24 hours and renewed my license. Can I take the same online courses for my next license renewal?

A. YES. Since you are in your next licensing period, you can take the same courses again.

Q? Do you offer all of ADRE’s required classes for renewing my license?

A. Absolutely! If you select a real estate sales or real estate broker renewal package you can rest assured that it meets all of Arizona Department of Real Estate’s course requirements. We have made sure all of the categories have been covered in each full package. However, if you have some credit hours already under your belt, you can complete your renewal with us by simply selecting individual classes that you still need.

Q? How to Print Certificate

  1. Go to your account: http://doddsre.com/my-account/
  2. Under “My Courses” click “Completed Courses”
  3. Click “View Certificate” under the completed course

Q? What if I have to stop and come back in the middle of a class?

A. No problem. Our license renewal system allows you to stop at any time (in the middle of a class or exam) and come back right where you left off if you are using the same computer. You just login in and the computer remembers where you left off. No rushing through any more online continuing education classes. Take it and finish it when you want!

Q? How am I going to get all the certificates to prove to ADRE I took the courses?

A. It is extremely simple. All you need to do is print them out. After you have passed our class exam, it will prompt you to print out the course completion certificate after each class you finish. Also, if you happen to lose your certificate you can log back in and print it out again at any time. No more calling schools and having them track down old classes or paying a duplicate certificate fee.

Q? Why should I take online renewal classes instead of sitting in a classroom?

A. Convenience is the answer. Today’s real estate agent has a hectic schedule and finding 24 hours of free time with a full personal and professional life can often be very difficult. Dodd’s online real estate license renewal program allows you to finish all 24 hours in the convenience of your home and on your terms. You can complete some or all of each class when you have the free time, not on someone’s else’s schedule.

Q? Can I complete all my online renewal courses in one day?

A. Per ADRE statutes, a student can complete up to 9 credit hours in one day. That means 3 classes per 24 hour period. If you are trying to finish ASAP, you can complete all 24 hours of continuing education in as little as three days.

Q? Are the exams very difficult to pass and what happens if I fail?

A. The exams are designed to simply make sure you read through all the material. Therefore the questions are not tricky. Plus you can repeat any course or go back to specific slides if there are some topics you are confused on. Our unique program allows you to print out the whole course as well in case you want to refer to it as your notes. You can also repeat any exam you fail ensuring success.

Q? What do I have to have on my computer to run your online classes?

A. The requirements are actually quite basic. They are: internet connection, web browser, flash player 6 or higher (downloadable for free) and audio capabilities (preferred not required though). For students with older computers, installing the latest version of Flash can help avoid pauses in the display of course visual aids and/or audio. The latest version of Flash is free, more secure, and adds additional functionality when viewing web sites.

Q? If I am not skilled on computers, can I still take these online renewal classes?

A. Definitely. The system walks you through each process step by step from registering for classes to printing out your certificates. Online license renewal classes are simple to use and self explanatory.