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BMC #2 – Broker Policies

The objectives of this course are to provide the student with an understanding of identifying and implementing the required elements of reasonable supervision with employees.  Detect and implement measures to systematize effective risk management in their real estate company.  Use the ADRE model office policy manual to properly and more efficiently structure policies and procedures in their real estate company. The establishment of broker supervision policies (A.A.C. R4-28-1103) or practical application for enforcement of the policies, or emphasizing those policies that ADRE has identified as common complaints or violations and how to avoid them. Be able to develop and utilize an effective Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) in their real estate company.



BMC #2 – Broker Policies (3 HOUR CREDITS) Commissioner’s Standards

The 9-hour BMC is required for:

  • A renewing Designated Broker.
  • A renewing Delegated Associate Broker that is, one who has delegated the authority to act on the Designated Broker’s behalf under A.R.S §32-2151.01(G).
  • An original broker applicant, who must complete the BMC before the applicant’s broker’s license may be activated.

Who is not required to take the new BMC?

  • A salesperson or broker is acting as the Designated Broker in the Designated Broker’s temporary absence under A.R.S §32-2127(D).
  • A salesperson or associate broker working as a branch manager under A.R.S §32-2127(B) &(C), except for a Delegated Associate Broker acting under a delegation authority under A.R.S §32-2151.01(G) who is acting as a branch manager.
  • A “temporary broker” licensed for the purpose of winding up the business of a deceased designated broker under A.R.S §32-2133.
  • Either a Designated Broker or Delegated Associate Broker who, during the current license period and before January 1, 2013, completed the 3-hour BMC.


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