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Know How Buyers Select An Agent:

Most buyers will ask around to see if anyone they know and trust has worked with an agent before, and how it went. They will make calls to local brokers in the area they are looking to buy in. All agents are not experts in every area. Make sure that if your buyer is looking for luxury homes, and you are not an expert in that area, that you choose an agent who has had experience in that market and ask for a referral. Buyers will also go online to look for homes and get hooked by an agent who advertises on the site the buyer is looking on.

Buyers may want to interview agents and see if they listen to what their needs are. As an agent, you become the HUB of the transaction. You keep everyone in motion from beginning to end. From the inspectors to the title company, checking everything that transpires, including the loan officer and your buyer.

3-Hours Disclosures


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