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Some real estate professionals suggest that determining the environmental health of a home is every bit as important as determining its structural integrity. Over the recent years, environmental concerns have become increasingly prominent in the news and media. Compelling stories of chronic diseases resulting from poor drinking water, radon, lead-based paint, mold, and mildew have created heightened concerns across America, bolstering interest in risk detection. For these reasons, general home inspectors may advise buyers to hire inspectors that can identify these factors if they are suspected. There are various methods that can be used to effectively managing all of the environmental problems discussed in this section.

However, before any of these problems can be managed, they must be identified. Frequently, environmental consultants are employed to accomplish these responsibilities. With time, environmental evaluations have become a mainstay part of many real estate transactions. In some instances, these consultants are involved by environmental law firms, such that the information they identify is subject to the attorney/client privilege. This can be useful in the event significant issues are identified that cause regulatory requirement; however, the backbone to any identified issues is in obtaining reliable environmental data regarding the property, effectively interpreting the implications and managing the issues responsibly.

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