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  • Apple Macintosh


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  • Mozilla Firefox, version 3.68 or greater
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Safari browser for Windows PC and MAC operating systems are not supported

Many course have materials to download. You will be required to install on your computer Adobe Acrobat, the industry standard for forms and online books. These are called PDF Files or documents.


  • Sound card is NOT REQUIRED, but may enhance your experience
  • Windows Media Player is NOT REQUIRED
  • Macromedia Shockwave Player is NOT REQUIRED

Conduct of Student and Attestation:
You agree not to share your username and password and any course content with others, including, but not limited to licensees. By receiving a Certificate of Completion, you hereby acknowledge and attest that you personally completed the entire course without allowing someone else to take any part of the course.

Availability of Instructor:
Should you have a question on a particular class, Shane Dodd (instructor and coordinator) shall be available by email via our Contacts page. All questions will be answered promptly.

Refund Policy
There is no charge to create a Student Account. This gives you the ability to order courses from us. However, once you order courses, there shall be no refunds of monies paid. All sales of courses
are final.

Dodd’s School Of Real Estate will refund any fees for courses if the course is discontinued by the school, preventing the student from completing the course.

Time to Complete Courses
A Student has 1 year to complete any course from the date the student first started the course. After 1 year, the student’s privileges to access that course shall expire. Once you complete your
course and have been certified, you will no longer have access to that course.

Certificate of Completion
Issued Immediately Online, upon completion of each course.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate will not allow a student to take more than 3 courses per day (9 hours of credit). Therefore, a student who completes 3 courses in a calendar day will not have access to their other courses until 12:00 a.m., which starts the next calendar day. You can only work on one course at a time, therefore, once you start a course, you must complete that course before you have access to your other courses. Upon the successful completion of any course, you will receive a Certificate under your name, exactly as it appears when you first created your student account. Your certificate will be available to you Immediately after passing your final exam by clicking a link. It is the student’s responsibility to then print the certificate from your computer. We do not fax or mail certificates to students. If you need a replacement certificate at a later date, duplicate certificates are also available online. In your student account, accessible to you with your username and password, you can access your course history and get course names and dates of completion.

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Doddsre.com is not your lawyer or legal service. Doddsre.com recommends that you seek professional legal services and advice pertaining to any aspect of this course and the course materials provided herein.

NOTE: ADRE is requiring ALL credit hour classes (live and distance learning) to be timed for a total of 150 minutes. To keep you in compliance, All of our classes are timed.